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    Dog grooming hacks

    Grooming is one of the most important aspects of dog care that’s also one of the most troublesome for some people it can become quite a chore if you have a certain breed of dog that requires high maintenance grooming or you struggle with getting your pet to cooperate. If you’re looking for simple ways to make the process of grooming your dog easier for yourself and them read on to find out our best dog grooming hacks.Yorkshire Terrier puppy surrounded by hands holding groomer tools Yorkshire Terrier puppy surrounded by hands holding groomer tools dog grooming stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

     Top 5 Dog grooming hacks

    Grooming hack 1. Pet safe wipes

    Having pet wet wipes on stand by makes cleaning up mess much easier as you can just pull out the wipes and get it done there and then instead of having to bring them home and give them a full wash. Now that it’s getting muddy and rainy for example you can bring along a pack of pet wet wipes with you on your dog walk if they splash in a puddle or get some sort on their paws and their hair you can easily clean the majority of the dirt off before letting them inside the house. This will avoid your dog from getting stains on your carpet as soon as they walk in and will help keep them fresher for longer.

    If we were to bathe our dogs every time they got some food stuck on their face or mud on their paws we’d be washing them daily which is not recommended so make things easier by just buying some wet wipes you can get pet safe ones from many supermarkets and pet stores.

    hack 2. Peanut butter trick

    As many dog owners can agree one of the hardest parts of grooming is trimming a dog’s nails, there has been plenty of viral videos online showing how dramatic dogs get when the clippers are taken out. it can become an impossible task to do at home on your own when your dog is terrified just at the sight of them. Cutting their nails doesn’t even hurt at all if you are doing it correctly dogs just don’t like doing it because of how threatening the clippers look and also the sound it makes when it clips their claws. So the key to getting them to cooperate during the nail trimming session is a distraction. I recently found a funny and smart hack of getting your dog to pay attention to something other than their nails, peanut butter! this is a yummy treat that most dogs can not resist its like the human equivalent of chocolate. Simply put some on your forehead or get someone else to hold peanut butter out in front of them so that they focus on licking the yummy peanut butter off instead of what’s going on with the clippers.

    And if you’re concerned about using peanut butter as bait don’t worry Bluecross can confirm that peanut butter is a safe treat option for dogs and that most dogs love it and can have some in moderation. There are even dog-specific peanut butter jars designed for dogs that don’t contain too much sugar or any xylitol.

    hack 3. Detangling spray

    Long-haired dogs tend to get a lot of tangles and matting when not brushed regularly which can be very painful to brush out causing them discomfort which is why we recommend always detangling their fur before shampooing them in the wash. Using a detangler spray will help you comb through the knots and tangles much smoother without causing them pain and will set them up to have an easier wash in the bath as all you will need to do is lather them up without worrying about the knots trapping water and soap. Many pet stores and supermarkets sell pet safe detangling sprays that also come in a variety of fragrances so as a bonus your pup can smell appealing as well. Another low-cost hack to helping detangle hair and matting is baby powder, it’s really cheap and it’s safe for dogs skin and fur simply dash some on the mats and knots to helo soften them up for brushing.

    hack 4. Shower capgrooming cap

    one of the biggest discomforts for dogs during bath time is when water and shampoo drip down their face and into their eyes it can be quite a struggle to avoid getting their eyes and face too wet when you are washing an agitated dog. However a cheap shower cap but just do the trick, when you put a shower cap on your dogs head that holds back their ears it helps block the pouring water and soap from going into their ears and dripping down into their eyes it’s like their little face umbrella. Not only will it ease your dog’s nerves and keep their eyes protected but they will look very amusing with it on too.

    hack 5. Glove brush/massagergrooming hack

    As most of you already know dogs shed hair just like us so it’s important we brush them from time to time to get rid of all the old hair and keep them free of tangles. Unfortunately getting their hair brushed through isn’t every dog’s favourite activity they might even run away when they see you pulling out the combs. Fortunately, there’s been an amazing little invention of the glove brush its a glove you put on the has therapeutic bristles on them that will brush through your dog’s fur as your stroke them. It acts as a message instead of a rough brushing session. Plus it’s less intimidating for the dog as it will trick them into thinking they are simply getting pets or caressed by their owner’s hands like they usually are anyway but whilst they are getting a massage little do they know their hair is also getting brushed out. By the end of it, you will notice how much dead hair your glove has collected.

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