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    Fireworks and Dogs

    Now that Christmas is officially over the next upcoming celebration is that of new years eve on the 31st where people everywhere will be staying up late to countdown to midnight at the beginning of the new year 2022. And of course, what is expected in new years eve celebration especially in the latter part of the evening is setting off fireworks. As many pet owners know fireworks though beautiful to watch are extremely distressful to animals and cause stress and anxiety in most dogs.

    If you are concerned for your dog’s safety and mental wellbeing during the fireworks season read on to learn all our advice and tips on how to keep your dog calm and get them through new years eve.

    dogs and firewokrs

    How to get your dog through new years eve’s fireworks

    Tip 1. Walk them during the daytime.

    Avoid letting your dog out in the evening when it’s more likely to have fireworks, instead, exercise your dog early in the day take them for a long walk and ensure they get enough playtime. A dog that has a lot of pent up energy is more likely to be irritable and stressed if you get your dog to burn most of their energy during the day they will likely be tired by evening time and will sleep earlier. If they are tired and sleeping earlier in the evening it’s less likely they will notice the fireworks as they will probably be exhausted after the exercise.

    Tip 2. Create a safe haven for your dog to go to

    Make a little fort your dog can go to if they are feeling stressed draping blankets over a table for example is a great idea, or even covering their crate and putting their favourite toys inside it. This will give your dog a little hiding place they can go to feel protected and they can seek comfort in the blankets and around their toys the covering of blankets over the crate will also help block out the sounds of the fireworks making it seem that they are further away from the dog.dogs and fireworks

    Tip 3. Close the curtains or shut blinds

    Remember to close your curtains during any fireworks displays to reduce the flashing lights and also help block out some of the sounds. The flashing lights worsen the experience for dogs and stress them out so keep the indoor lights on as well to reduce the flashing impact of the lights from outside.

    Tip 4. Try to desensitise them to the sound beforehand

    In the days leading up to New year’s eve, you can try preparing your dog for a fireworks display by playing sound of fireworks inside the safety of your home from your laptop or tv for instance. Start slowly with the volume on low playing the sound for only a few minutes then with time you can increase the volume until your dog is used to it, this will help desensitise them so that when the real thing is going on they are less anxious and more accustomed to it. You can even give your dog treats while you play the sound of fireworks in the background so that they can associate positive rewards with the sound of fireworks.

    Tip 5. Mask the sound of fireworks with other background sounds

    If you put the tv on or the radio on in the house at a good volume, it will distract your dog from the sound of fireworks outside by helping mask it and as dogs are used to sounds of music or sounds coming from the Tv they will not fear anything. Battersea.org suggests playing classical music as it generally has a calming effect on dogs.

    Tip 6. Reassure your dog by staying calm

    Dogs are very perceptive animals they can easily pick up on our energy and how we are feeling and will mimic it back to us, so if your dog notices you are anxious because of the fireworks they will become even more nervous. Don’t let your dog see you fussing about and running around the house when the fireworks are on instead remain calm and behave like you normally do so that they can get the impression that everything is under control and that they are safe.

    Tip 7. Consider natural calming remedies

    Many pet shops and vets sell pet calming sprays most are all-natural remedies that you can either spray around your dog and on their bedding or oils and pills you can give to your dog orally that will help soothe their nerves. if your dog gets very stressed during fireworks this might be the best option many vets recommend this to help your dog sleep through the night and not get overwhelmed. CBD oil is a very popular choice for pets as well recently, all you need to do is drop a few drops of CBD oil in their mouths and it instantly helps reduce anxiety.cbd for fireworks

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