Our Story

Doggy Treat Box is a unique UK based business that is fuelled by one man’s personal passion.

Our story starts with a puppy called Lula, and Lee, the owner that she adopted.

Lee was working from home when Lula moved in. This gave him lots of time to look after her properly. However, when his work circumstances changed, Lee faced a dilemma.

Working at home was no longer an option – in fact, one of the first jobs he was offered was abroad. Taking that job would mean that Lula would need to find another home. Anyone who knew Lee, and had seen his devotion to Lula, would know this simply was not an option.

Instead, Lee chose Lula over work, love for his dog over money.

This was an easy decision, but it meant times were hard. Lee survived on his savings and stayed with Lula. But as time passed, his worries increased. His money would not last forever, and what then? What would happen to him and Lula? He was struggling to get by day to day, and even imagined a future when the two of them were on the streets.


It was on New Year’s Eve 2016 that the idea for Doggy Treat Box came to Lee. Predictably, it was while he and Lula were out
enjoying one of their regular walks.

Like most business ideas it started with a very simple idea. Lee knew, from his own experience, how difficult it was to source the best quality dog treats for Lula. He always wanted the best for her – as most pet owners do for their dogs. The problem was that finding the best was not always easy.

The solution came to him in a flash. What if someone were to set up a company providing 100% natural dog treats, sourced from British farms, delivered to the doors of the nation’s pet-owners?

And with that, DoggyTreatBox.com was born.

What started with a walk in the park is now a successful business, that customers can rely on for the very highest quality treats for their dogs. 100% natural. 100% British farm produce. 100% fuelled by passion. We are a business run by dog-lovers, for dog-lovers.

As you can tell from our story, Lee would not compromise when it came to Lula. His promise to customers is never to compromise when it comes to the quality of the products we sell for your best friend.

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Lee & Lula

CEO / Owner of

Lee and Lula started Doggy Treat Box on the 1st of January 2016. Since the company’s inception, customer care and dedicated support have remained the top priority.

To this day, Lee and his capable companion Lula, still adopt a hands-on approach to the daily operations of Doggy Treat Box.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, simply reach out to our friendly support team through the contact page.

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