When will I be billed and when will I receive my Doggy Treat Box each month?

Please Note: If your a brand new customer and you subscribe for the first time you will only get billed one time in that first month no matter what date you first subscribe on. You will also get that first Doggy Treat Box in the post 2 - 5 days later after you first subscribe.

After that if your happy with the first Doggy Treat Box you receive we will continue to bill you just £19.99 on the 1st of every month and continue to ship you a Doggy Treat Box on the 15th - 20th of every month until you pause or cancel your subscription which you can do at anytime.

Please Note: Your not in any contract and you can pause or cancel your subscription with Doggy Treat Box at anytime. To do that simply click the login link on this website and login with the email address and password you would have create when you first subscribed.

Your in total control or your subscription.  

We hope this helps.

Lee & Lula

What sort of treats a toys do you put inside the Doggy Treat Boxes?

After doing customer research we found that most dog owners do not want any raw hide and only want 100% natural treats which are fresh off British farms.

So that is what we have done. We will never put any raw hide products inside our Doggy Treat Boxes. You will only get high quality 100% natural treats which are fresh off British farms inside our Doggy Treat Boxes.

Our natural treats and gourmet sausages are made with only the best quality British meats that are not only wholesome goodness but also ensure we keep supporting the British farmers and meat industry.

Please take a look at the list of treats we provide inside our monthly Doggy Treat Boxes below…

• Smoked Chicken Sausages
• Golden Paste Sausage 100% Natural
• Pure Venison 100% Meat Natural
• Venison Sausage 70% Venison Meat
• Lamb Sausages
• Roast Beef Sausage
• Salami Sticks
• Chicken Sticks
• Beef & Veg Sticks
• Chicken And Cheese
• Venison Sticks
• Black Pudding Sticks
• Moist Liver
• Moist Venison
• Moist Chicken
• Moist Chicken And Cheese
• Moist Beef
• Liver Sausage
• Roast Beef Pieces
• Beef Chews/Tendons
• Beef Knees Doggy Gobstoppers
• Paddywack Scottish Beef Top Quality
• Thick Pizzles Ave 12cm Length Or 24cm
• Lamb Trachea
• British Tripe
• Roast Lamb
• Puff Jerky
• Dried Liver
• Pigs Ears
• Duck Neck
• Duck Feet
• Trachea Whole
• Trachea Cut
• Cow Hoofs
• Venison Strips 

I did not receive my Doggy Treat Box.

We have proof of postage and we track all our Doggy Treat Boxes when shipped so please email us via the contact us tab on this website and we will track your package down.

If we need to we will simply replace you with a new Doggy Treat Box.

Do you support Dog Shelters?

Yes we will be. Once our business is making a good profit for every box we sell we will give £0.10 to dog shelters around the UK.