Our Story & What's Inside

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This is going out to all Dog Lovers.

From the Desk of Lee & Lula

Me & Lula my dog who you can see below in the pictures need your help and support today. Please read our story below...

Firstly welcome to the Doggy treat Box website. On this Our Story page I want to share our story which has unfolded over the last 12 months. It has been a wild ride so hang on to your seats.

It all started 12 months ago when I lost my job which allowed me to stay at home and look after Lula. (You can see pictures of us both below).

When I first got Lula 4 years ago now the only reason I allowed myself to get her was because I had this work from home job.

You see I wouldn't want to get myself a dog if I had to go to work all day and leave the dog in the house alone. Another thing and this might sound stupid to some of you but I know myself and as a huge dog lover I know I would just worry all day about my dog if I had to go to work ALL DAY and leave my dog in the house alone.

I know you can get them dog cameras nowadays which even allow you to talk to your dog but even then I would still worry about someone braking in and hurting my dog.

But back then I was working from home so I allowed myself to get Lula and I instantly fell in love with her.

Fast forward 4 years filled with love and joy being with Lula and my worst nightmare happened. I lost my work from home job which was allowing me to stay at home with Lula.

When losing that Job Lula was the first thing I started to worry about because I knew that I would potentially have to start leaving her alone in the house all day and she would hate that because she suffers with separation anxiety.

But it actually got much worse than that. After working from home for such a long time I didn't realise how hard it was to get a job. After looking for work the only work I could really get was working away from home on oil rigs with a friend of mine.

If I had to do this I would obviously have to give Lula away to another family as I could not be there for her. As you can imagine I started to get really stressed out about this because Lula is my baby. It really goes that deep.

Some people think its funny when people say that but to me and many true dog lovers its very true. Our dogs are like a real baby to us. So I could not go work on an oil rig and be without her. It was out of the question.

I would go homeless and be on the streets before I ever give Lula away. But at this point me and Lula are still in a spot of bother and really do need your help.

Let me continue and explain what we have done...

So after finding out the only work I could get was working away from home I knew that I needed to do something to work at home to stay with Lula.

But I also knew that no one was just going to give me a work from home job. I knew that I had to build some kind of home business so I got my thinking cap on. After talking to some work from home experts I was advised to start selling something online that I was passionate about.

Because I was actually doing all this for Lula I instantly knew that Lula and dogs in general was my passion. I've always been a huge dog lover and it just made perfect sense to setup some kind of dog business.

But what do we sell I was thinking?

At first we decided to sell Doggy T Shirts, Collars, Leads, Dog Coats and we did sell a few of them items.

But what caught my attention the most was dog treats. The reason I liked the idea so much was because just like dog food dog treats run out and dog owners need to keep buying them over and over again month after month.

This business model was perfect for me and Lula because we can hopefully get a loyal group of dog lovers to subscribe and we can keep supplying them with dog treats each month. It was perfect for us.

This is what I was thinking at the time 12 months ago now. Fast forward 12 months and we have now gone live with this Doggy Treat Box website your on right now and its been AMAZING.

This is what we done...

We decided to setup this monthly Doggy Treat Box which gets shipped in the post each and every month on the 15th.

All the treats we provide are 100% natural and fresh off British farms. We also put in toys for your dogs to play with along with the best quality dog treats you can fine.

Just look at the list of our treats we have available which we send out inside our Doggy Treat Boxes each month...

• Smoked chicken sausages
• Golden paste sausage 100% natural
• Pure venison 100% meat natural
• Venison sausage 70% venison meat
• Lamb sausages
• Roast beef sausage
• Salami sticks
• Chicken sticks
• Beef & veg sticks
• Chicken and cheese
• Venison sticks
• Black pudding sticks
• Moist liver
• Moist venison
• Moist chicken
• Moist chicken and cheese
• Moist beef
• Liver sausage
• Roast beef pieces
• Beef chews/tendons
• Beef knees doggy gobstoppers
• Paddywack scottish beef top quality
• Thick pizzles ave 12cm length or 24cm
• Lamb trachea
• British tripe
• Roast lamb
• Puff jerky
• Dried liver
• Pigs ears
• Duck neck
• Duck feet
• Trachea whole
• Trachea cut
• Cow hoofs
• Venison strips

Checkout just some of the treat's we provide below

Each month you get a pack of 5 different treats from above hand picked by myself including 2 toys. 

Each month is never the same so It’s like Christmas every month for your dog.

We have done our research and dog owners want 100% natural healthy treats which are quality and fresh off British farms like above. So thats exactly what we done for you. The video testimonials that have come folding in from happy customers had been AMAZING.

In fact please take a look at all the testimonials here and get signed up yourself right now. (You can signup and subscribe at the bottom of any page on our website including this page.)

Also after looking at all the other Doggy Treat Boxes on the market right now none of them provided treats like us which are 100% natural and fresh off British farms. All the other Doggy Treat Boxes provide small packets of treats which you can easily get yourself from the pound shop.

We also charge a lower price of just £19.99 + FREE SHIPPING for our Doggy Treat Box and what you get is worth double the price. Plus your dog will love it just like all the others have so far.

Over the last 12 months I’ve been working very hard on this business. Just look at some of the challenges I've had to face below...

1. Thinking about a business name. We really did crack this one. I was lucky enough to get the domain name DoggyTreatBox.com which your on right now.

2. Box design

3. Finding the best dog treat wholesale supplier. Very hard but I done it.

(Our supplier even supplies the Dog show Crufts. Thats how good our treats are)

4. Logo design

5. Website design

6. Payment processing

7. Learning online advertising (Again very hard and I'm still learning but I've just about pulled it off and very proud of myself)

Although I’ve had many challenges and hit brick walls many times I'm pleased to tell you that I've overcome all them challenges and we have now gone live with this new Doggy Treat Box website your on right now. We are currently taking on new customers right now and you can subscribe below.

What I would suggest you do is go to our testimonials page and take a look at the videos and signup after that at the bottom of the page. Click Here to see the testimonial videos.

Mine and Lula's business goal

After getting the calculator out and taking into consideration all our monthly outgoings to run this business we now know that we need about 500 subscribers to be able to run this business so that it will allow me and Lula to stay together and work from home. (With just a small income)

Right now we only have 92 subscribers. We are very grateful to everyone that has subscribed so far. Thank you very much but as you can see we need a lot more dog lovers to signup before me and Lula can stop worrying.

Because until we have enough money coming in from this Dog Treat Box business to cover our bills so that I don't end up on the streets with Lula we will continue to be stressed which is understandable. Or should I say me stressed and worried.

Because Lula obviously don't know whats going on LOL.

Don't dogs have it easy. They have no stress or worries at all which is good.

So my question to you is this. Do you have a dog? Do you buy dog treats? And will you give us a try?

I'm sure we can find just 500 people on Facebook, Google, Instagram to give this a try? (Them are the ways we advertise right now).

Did I forget to mention our Doggy Treat Box is AMAZING and your dog will LOVE it?

Again check out all the testimonials we already have from our happy customers here.

Before you decide if you want to subscribe let me give you a bit more information.

Remember this is a monthly subscription so you get billed each month. As a company we have decided to bill our customers on the 1st of every month and we ship all our Doggy Treat Boxes in the middle of every month on the 15th.

Please note: No mater what date you first signup on you will only get billed one time in that first month and you will get your first Doggy Treat Box shipped in the post very quickly after your first payment.

We have Doggy Treat Boxes ready and waiting to be shipped next day delivery for all our new customers who subscribe. 

A few important things...

1. You can stop and cancel your subscription at any time. Your not tied into any contract.

If you wanted to cancel you can simply login to this website and cancel at anytime and you will never be billed again. You can also pause your subscription which will allow you to take a brake from the monthly payments for as long as you like. You can simply log back in and restart when your ready to receive more Doggy Treat Boxes for your dog.

2. You can give our Doggy Treat Box a try RISK FREE. Just subscribe today and if you don't like the first box we send you tomorrow in the post just send it back for a full refund no questions asked.

As you can see we have made it really easy for you and everyone reading this to give us a try.

Once you join we will send you an email letting you know when your first Doggy Treat Box has been shipped.

When our customers first subscribe we try and get the first Doggy Treat Box shipped the very next day but please allow 3 to 5 days for it to get to your door.

Right now we use Royal Mail for all deliveries.  

Please help us get to 500 subscribers dog lovers. Signup below now. Just click the green subscribe button and follow the simple instructions.

If you have any questions please feel free to ring me. My personal phone number is below or you can email me by clicking on the contact page.

Thanks for reading our story and we hope you become part of our Doggy Treat Box club today.

Love Lee & Lula

P.S. If you have any questions you can ring me personally on my mobile number here: 07895290533