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    The Simple Solution To Dog Allergies

    The Simple Solution To Dog Allergies

    Nobody ever thinks watching an itchy, chewing, biting, and fur-ripping dog as a cheap family entertainment option. No child says, “Hey, Mom, look at the dog!” “Isn’t he amusing?” The entire family scrunches down in anguish, yelling, “Stop scratching!” Please, halt. Stop!”

    Allergies are becoming more widespread in our canine companions these days. Traditionally used medications such as Benadryl and steroids no longer perform well. As a result, new medications such as Atopica and Apoquel are commonly prescribed to assist dog owners in finding a rapid treatment for canine allergies.

    These and other kinase inhibitors can be extremely effective at relieving itching. However, when you use these pills, you are making a deal with the devil because they impede critical life functions in your dog’s body. Additionally, weaning a dog off of these medicines is quite difficult.
    Apoquel and Atopica Work Apoquel works by interfering with the communication system required for cell life. Cytokines are the cells’ messengers, whereas kinases are also critical signalling molecules that the body’s cells utilise to communicate.

    Apoquel targets specific kinases – Janus kinases, abbreviated as JAKs – that perform critical functions such as policing the body against tumour formation, controlling body growth and development, white and red blood cell formation, providing immunity through the proper function of antibody-producing cells and “policing” cells (T-cells), and regulating inflammation.

    Pharmaceutical companies seized on the immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties, deeming them ideal for allergy treatment. Apoquel inhibits the production of cytokines, which act as messengers for the kinases. This disrupts and disables the JAKs’ communication, causing them to cease functioning.

    Apoquel has mostly supplanted Atopica, which is composed of cyclosporine. Cyclosporine is classified as a mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are pathogenic fungus products. They are chemical in origin and inhibit the immune system. Mycotoxins are produced by fungi to kill bacteria, other fungus, viruses, and anything else that might compete with them. They impair dogs, cats, and people’ immune systems.

    Cyclosporine’s immunosuppressive properties were identified in 1972 in Switzerland and it was successfully utilised to prevent organ rejection following kidney transplantation and later liver transplantation. Apart from its usage in transplantation, cyclosporine is used to treat a range of skin problems in both people and animals.

    Natural Allergy Treatments Are More Secure
    To summarise, the natural route is preferable to these suppressive medications. The first step on that journey is to minimise your dog’s exposure to allergens. Vaccination reduction is a critical first step toward preventing allergies in our dogs; vaccines dysregulate the immune system, causing it to overreact to foreign chemicals. Additionally, I recommend rotating the food to ensure that your dog is not fed the same item every day.

    However, what if your dog already suffers from allergies? That is the snag. The first step is to have an understanding of the allergic dog’s condition and symptoms.

    Determine Allergens
    Make no mistake about it; just because your dog itches exclusively at particular periods of the year does not mean that food allergies are excluded. Consider drawing an imaginary line in the air and referring to it as the threshold. The problematic allergens are located beneath that line. Your dog may be allergic to chicken and egg (which are included in vaccines), beef (which is also included in vaccines), nutritional yeast, or some other foods he consumes on a regular basis, but this will not be enough to drive him over the threshold line. Add pollens and moulds in the spring, and this may be enough to push him over the line. Thus, it may be prudent to switch to a unique protein and rotate through a few different effective diets.

    The reason I propose rotating diets is that we develop allergies to things we are exposed to on a regular basis. Numerous times a day, doctors put on talc-filled latex gloves. To begin, we develop an allergy to talc and order talc-free gloves. Then we have an allergic reaction to latex. We are constantly exposed to this, which raises the likelihood of getting allergies. That is why a dog allergic to chicken and beef may thrive on a lamb diet for six months – until he develops an allergy to lamb from eating it on a daily basis.

    Caution When Using Fish
    As a side note, if you’ve been giving your dog fish oil daily for months in the hope that the omega-3s might help with the allergies, he’s very certainly developed an allergy to fish. Therefore, avoid using fish as a novel protein source in this instance. I’ve been specialising in allergy treatment for 30 years and this is a pretty common side effect of long-term fish oil consumption.

    How Itching Is Initiated

    Allergic reactions occur when immune globulins in the skin signal mast cells to release histamines in response to allergens. Dogs have around ten times the number of mast cells in their skin as humans do, and they are distributed in a significantly different pattern. If we humans were set up similarly to our dogs, we would report to work itching our buttocks, inner thighs, and chests and exclaiming to our coworkers how bad the ragweed was this year. I believe we should be grateful for this. (I must pause for a moment to discuss differences, as we should also be exceedingly grateful that humans did not have anal glands. Because gorillas have anal glands, we must have been near to the wire.)

    Once our dogs begin itching, with all those mast cells, they must experience the same sensations as we do when we have poison ivy. As a result, they gnaw and pull and chew till they ooze and scab over. It is never a pleasant sight. That is why it is critical to squelch the itch as soon as possible.

    Allergy Testing Issues
    Regrettably, the majority of standard food allergy testing is only about 25% accurate. Environmental allergies are slightly more accurate, accounting for 40% of cases. The number of allergens tested may not always correspond to what your dog is actually exposed to, as there is a limit to the number of allergens that can be tested. What’s critical to me is that when you test your dog for allergies, the typical response is to spend years changing foods and examining every snack or treat you give him. That’s about as entertaining as watching your dog scratch, bite, and chew all day. There are permanent remedies that can rectify the mistakes in the immune system’s computer that result in the adverse reaction.

    A Simple Solution For Dog Allergies
    In my practise, I address dog allergies in the following manner.

    To begin, I employ NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergen Removal Technique)m allergy elimination procedures. I became certified in NAET and have streamlined and polished this method of treatment through the years into an efficient, effective, and affordable treatment that you can perform at home with your dog. It transforms an allergic dog or cat into an allergy-free pet. As the problem is resolved, the stress associated with locating and selecting foods is eliminated. Apart from this, I recommend several holistic items to help reduce the itching and calm the situation.

    Topical Antihistamines For Canine Allergies
    Sodium Bicarbonate
    This is a personal favourite of mine. You can combine it with water to create a poultice. Apply it to the irritated region for about an hour. Then rinse it away. Additionally, you can sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking soda per cup of water in a spray bottle. You are not required to wash the spray away. I enjoy applying the poultice to itchy toes. Baking soda is non-abrasive on carpets and floors, non-greasy, and non-staining.

    Aloe Vera gel
    If you have an isolated itchy spot, aloe vera straight from the plant works nicely. However, you must use the plant itself, not aloe vera from a bottle. There is no comparison between a living plant and bottled gel. As you can see, the enzymes in the live plant only endure for fewer than three days (assuming you refrigerate the leaf after cutting it from the plant). These unique enzymes are absent from bottled aloe vera. The live enzymes are extremely potent and operate quickly to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

    Allergy Supplements For Dogs
    This antioxidant supplement has been dubbed a natural antihistamine, and it has been shown to benefit certain dogs with itching. Purchase a human product and adjust the dose to your dog’s weight, assuming the dose is for a 150 pound person. Additionally, you can give foods high in quercetin, such as berries and apples (including the skin, where the quercetin is).

    Antronex® Standard Process
    This is an excellent product for itch-prone pets. For small, medium, or large dogs, I recommend 1 to 3 pills three times a day. You will need to place an order with your veterinarian.

    Biotics Research’s Histoplex AB
    This herbal blend has the potential to be a very beneficial product. I recommend one to two tablets twice or three times day, depending on the dog’s size.

    When your dog suffers from itching allergies, it can be extremely frustrating. Reduce immunizations, avoid conventional allergy medications, and provide your dog with a diversified whole food diet… and consider natural therapies.

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