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    Think twice before gifting a dog this christmas

    Think twice before gifting a dog this christmas

    Giving a dog as a gift is rarely a good idea, and it’s frequently a bad one, but some folks can’t get enough of a beribboned puppy. To those considering giving a dog as a gift this Christmas season, we urge reconsider. While you’re at it, consider the following points.

    Think twice before gifting a dog this christmas

    1. There is no benefit to surprising someone with a dog, even if that someone is your child, who has been pleading for one since she was able to speak. Who knows…perhaps she is set on a Chihuahua, but you believe she would adore a Lab. Together, discover and choose her new best friend.


    2. Puppies, in particular, have a plethora of unique demands, and amid the general commotion of the holiday season, such needs can easily be missed, indicating a lack of future success for the puppy. Plus, standing outside on a chilly winter night waiting for the “gift” to relieve herself is not everyone’s idea of a good time.3. Initially, foster. Fostering is an excellent intermediate step, and the holiday season may be an ideal time to investigate this option. Not only will everyone learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of pet care, but it will also make a significant difference in the life of the dog you select to foster.


    4. Use Shelter Puppies to treat a case of puppy fever. The new book by photographer Michael Kloth provides a pleasing dose of puppy cuteness while emphasising the critical need for additional adoptive homes.


    5. Lay the groundwork for success. To provide something to unwrap, fill a basket with a leash, collar, bowls, toys, treats, a gift ticket for a training class or veterinarian care, and a positive training book. After the holidays pass and life returns to normal, check out your local shelters and rescue organisations, or conduct the necessary research to locate a trustworthy breeder. Whatever you do, avoid purchasing a puppy from a pet store; she is almost certainly a product of a puppy mill. Furthermore, consider an adult dog. While puppies are adorable and entertaining, they are also a lot of work. Numerous mature dogs are housebroken and possess an array of positive behaviour abilities. This is one instance where the finest surprise is an absence of surprise.


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