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    What to do when your dog breaks their nail

    What to do when your dog breaks their nail

    Broken toenails are a typical injury sustained by our canine companions. With their paws coming into contact with everything from grass to harsh terrain, it’s only natural that their toenails take a beating from time to time. So what do you do if your dog’s nail is broken?

    In this post, we’ll explore the specifics of dog broken toenails and how to react when they occur.


    What Causes Dogs’ Nails to Break?

    The majority of dogs have five toes on their front paws and four on their rear paws. Some pups will have their front toe, referred to as the dew claw, removed early in life, but not all furry pals will have this treatment.


    As is the case with humans, a dog’s nails are constantly growing. If a dog is unable to keep their nails filed as a result of walking on hard surfaces, their nails can grow long enough to become a nuisance. Their paws come into contact with a variety of materials, from carpet to weeds, and their nails can easily become snagged.


    Even if we keep our dog’s nails trimmed, small damage to the region can result in nail injuries. Dogs’ nails can become stuck on carpet, crack during jumping, or become damaged while digging, among other things. Whatever the origin of your dog’s nail trauma, it is a painful injury that should be treated properly at all times.


    Why are Broken Nails on Dogs a Problem?

    A broken nail in one of our canine companions should be taken seriously at all times. Not only is this injury excruciatingly painful for even the strongest of puppies, it can also result in a few consequences if left untreated. While we only see the canine nail’s strong keratin covering, there is much more to it.


    The quick is a cluster of nerves and blood arteries located within the nail. This is the pointed structure visible in clear dog nails, and the section of the nail that bleeds when a dog’s nail is clipped too short. While the keratin portion of the nail is not alive, the quick most surely is. Not only is the quick a delicate structure that when exposed can cause significant discomfort, it is also linked to bone. This means that any infection of the quick can soon progress to a bone infection.


    Your dog may suffer varying degrees of discomfort depending on the severity of the nail injury. If the quick is exposed and they are compelled to put pressure on the paw, they may limp and hesitate to put weight on that paw. Additionally, you may observe your dog licking the damaged region constantly, which exposes them to the risk of increased discomfort and infection.


    As you can see, a broken nail is considerably more harmful than you might anticipate for your pet. What are your options if something happens to your dog? Let we begin.


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    What to Do If Your Dog’s Nail Is Broken

    Due to the possibility of pain and infection as a result of a nail injury, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian for additional care. However, if the injury occurred while you were at home, there are a few things you can do first.


    To begin, restrain your dog in such a way that you can examine the damaged region while protecting yourself from bites. Due to the fact that these injuries can be quite painful, you should anticipate your pup being a little wary. If your dog is in too much discomfort and will not allow you to examine the nail, you should see your veterinarian before proceeding.

    If your dog’s nail is bleeding and they allow you to touch the area, you can begin treating it. This can be accomplished by applying gentle pressure to the region or by immersing the nail in a little amount of corn starch. This may assist in “plugging” the region and halting the bleeding. If you are unable to bring the bleeding to a halt after 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. Additionally, you should never put a bandage at home, since this may be exceedingly harmful to the paw and can breed infection if the region is damp for an extended period of time.

    If a small portion of the nail remains in the area, you can attempt to remove it on your own. This should be done only if your dog is showing signs of tolerating the pain. If your dog is in too much discomfort to allow you to do this, you should consult a veterinarian.

    It’s critical to remember that you should immediately consult a veterinarian if your dog’s nail becomes broken or severely injured. Due to the significant risk of infection, it is always prudent to err on the side of caution and seek professional counsel. While the tips above will assist your pet in the immediate aftermath, they will not give proper treatment continuing forward if the quick is exposed.


    Final Remarks

    For our canine companions, a nail injury is a painful event. Reread the information discussed previously, and you’ll be able to better assist your pup in the future!

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